Hi, I'm Frank S Pelletier

A detale detail-oriented team oriented person who seeks to make the world a more enjoyable place one solution at a time.

picture of myself

Thanks for checking out my page!

Pleasure to meet you, virtually! I like to create and enhance where possible. Solving problems is one of my biggest passions, and working in customer service, I've learned many ways to be able to do this.

What I have done so far:

  • 2016: Associate's of Science In Accounting
  • 2019: Bachelor's of Science in Management Information Systems

What I can do for you:

    • Enhanced Communication

      Strong interpersonal and client skills. With a strong history of working in customer service, I've learned the essentials of having to work

      Strong Work Ethic

      Carrying a strong GPA and work history, can be very adaptable in learning new situations to best meet the needs of organizations.
  • What I've Created

    FCC Responsive Page Design Portfolio


    < FCC: Tribute />


    < FCC: Survey Form />


    < FCC: Product Landing />


    < FCC: Tech Document />

    Personal Projects


    < China River Website />


    < Chaff 2 Treasure Website />


    Let's make magic happen

    I enjoy my coffee black, what would you like?